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With Earth Energy. lnc.'s state of the art equipment, along with our extensive experience enables us to bore virtually anywhere in any ground condition on earth.
Directional drilling is becoming more popular due to less surface damage compared to backhoe excavations or other mechanical methods. Also, no disruption to the public or traffic.

Benefits of Directional Drilling:

  • Bore underneath bodies of water including streams, rivers, and ponds. 

  • Works in all types of ground conditions. 

  • Safely creates solid bore hole enabling the pullback of pipe.

  • Trenchless excavation in very tight spots where typical excavation machinery cannot reach. 

  • All boring procedures are safe and non-obstructive to the environment.


Earth Energy. lnc.'s newest trade has been founded in the field of Hydro Excavation. The immense power and shear capability of this machine enables us to hydro excavate (safe dig) the earth quickly and easily. Hydro excavation has become a more popular field because you can expose underground utilities and tanks, without risking damage to them.
Hydro excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. A vacuum is used to transfer mud or small debris to a debris tank located in the center of the truck. This process allows for a non-destructive way to excavate soil and locate underground utilities.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation:

  • Uncover utilities including: buried gas, petroleum pipe lines, fiber optic cables, phone, water mains and power conduits very quickly. 

  • Works in almost all types of ground conditions. 

  • Removes native material and turns it into a mud slurry, making your choice of backfill selective to what you want.

  • Safely excavates out trenches, vaults, potholes and pits.

  • Excavate twice the amount of material in half the amount of time. 

  • Vac trenches, pole bases, and potholes up to 15 feet deep.

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With Earth Energy. lnc.'s Rock Saw, rock excavation is easier than ever thanks to it's aggressive wheel and teeth. Grinding through rock is a breeze with this machine and the result is a fine line cut into the earth. This makes laying pipe in the ground very easy and worry free of any structural pipe damage.
Rock sawing is popular in areas where the earth below is very hard and rocky. It is becoming more popular on larger jobs with open areas that require a larger size product. All in all, rock sawing is something you have to see to believe!

Benefits of Rock Sawing:

  • Saw in very tough conditions. 

  • Easily make up to a 14" wide by 56" deep trench. 

  • Makes plenty of room for most types of product.

  • Saw for extended ranges on open land. 

  • All sawing is safe for the environment after sawing activities.

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